Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Thanks and goodbye - the end of a relatively short road

Thanks for all who've helped and supported us over the last year with Open Digital and the last 2+ years for me as an independent policy advocate.

Sadly we can't fund year 2 so this project is on hold. Indefinitely.

Whilst it's never over till the hard disks are wiped and the organisation is liquidised the financial reality is that I can't put any more time into this or SRoC until I can make it pay.

I have mouths to feed and my public CV is here if anyone wants to hire me:

Sorry it's been so brief. Whilst I'm sure there are many out there funding work towards ethical data policy I have not managed to get any of it to flow in our direction.

We all have to eat; and, sadly, as I have written many times over, policy follows the money.

Bye - for now at least,


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  1. Good luck James, and well done for all your hard work.